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Alexa Competitive Link Building
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Alexa Competitive Link Building

Once again, we have entered this SEO world with our new program Alexa Competitive Link building which has the capacity to build strongest relationship with lots of top ranked Blog sites as well as top ranked Social Networking sites, that are all taken from the top 5 competitive sites which are strong competitive for our clients sites thus the valuable links are taken from the Alexa site

What do you mean by Alexa??

Alexa is one of the site which is used to get information about our own site which means in which rank our site presently is and also how many views we got, how many links we got with our website. These are the information we can get easily through Alexa Site.

From the longest and finest research, our talented experts found this technique which is very useful for our valuable customers and as a conclusion they found that we can build a strong relationship as our competitors have.

So it is strongly recommended that our client’s/customer’s must give two or more than two keywords to find out who are their competitors. And after that we can get information about that competitors site by the help of Alexa Site and from there we are going ot build a relation with those sites the competitors have.

Working Procedure of Alexa Competitive Link Building

According to client required details which must include two or more keywords and of course their main money site too…

  1. They may also give their competitors money site if that site is not given by them also no problem our professional experts can find them.
  2. By the help of Search Engines we can get the competitors site and after that strong analytic stage is going to start for getting best result. Our experts after the strong Analysis they select the top 5 competitor’s sites who are giving competition for our valuable client’s/customer’s.
  3. By using Alexa ranking site, we get information of that 5 competitor’s site, about their relationships respectively from that process we can get lot of links.
  4. And after that we link at your main moneysite with those top ranked blog sites as well as top networking sites links taken from that 5 competitor’s site. So that we can build a larger Network.
  5. And at final stage, means after finishing our work successfully we will inform you that how many sites we have updated with your moneysite taken from the competitor’s site. By using this process your moneysite will surely get boosted and can earn a huge traffic points.

For your easy understanding process our talented expert creates a diagrammatic representation for this process. So you are strongly recommended to view that diagram.

Diagrammatic Representation of Alexa Competitive link building Service from Subash SEO:-

This process is not so easiest one, but for our valuable client’s/customers facing lot of risk we the Subash SEO starts this work to provide a best quality of relating our clients site with the links taken from their competitor’s site… From here we want to let you know that we the Subash SEO is the first SEO company introduce this service for our customer’s flexibility.

Advantages of this service from Subash SEO

  1. As Everyone knows, that Subash SEO is the top most SEO service provider because we are here in this SEO field since 2004.
  2. Our Professional Experts and Technical Experts are highly talented and well experienced from Journalist Industry.
  3. Highly talented personals like Article writers and Content editor’s are there in our team to provide best news for your product.
  4. Subash SEO company will not entertain any Automation Software for creating news for client’s product, as we are having highly talented personals for that purpose.
  5. We provide high quality work with very cheapest price; our working process is neat and quick.
  6. We deliver the work report within the short period, what we commit with our Client’s/Customer’s.
  7. It is very easy and approach Subash SEO at any time for any issue.
  8. Always met with client expectation and satisfaction.
Benefits of using this service from Subash SEO:
  1. This is the new trick found by our Experts, by boosting your site with the links taken from Third ware site like ALEXA by using your competitor’s mainsite.
  2. You can Earn more traffic by using this service from us, by submitting your moneysite with the links from your competitive sites, your moneysite gets very popular and Automatically earn a huge traffic for your main Moneysite.
  3. By getting more traffic points your Moneysite increases its rank in Google Search Index.
  4. By using this Service from Subash SEO, You can Save your precious time and Money, We provide high quality work with very low price when compared with other SEO companies.
Alexa Competitive Link Building Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
ACL2525 Alexa Competitive Links1 Month$75.00
ACL5050 Alexa competitive links2 Months$120.00
ACL7575 Alexa competitive links3 Months$170.00
ACL100100 Alexa competitive links4 Months$220.00
ACL200200 Alexa competitive links6 Months$410.00
ACL400400 Alexa competitive links1 Year$800.00
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