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Blog Scraping Service
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Blog Scraping Service

What is Blog Scraping Service?

Blog scraping is the one of the best service to increase the traffic of the site by commenting about blogs or writing review about blogs in SEO field. Most of the Blogs will allow their reader to review or write their own comments or suggestion or ideas or thoughts in the blogs.

Nowadays in the internet world we can find the number of blogs and sites related to various topics or various products. Main concept of this service is increase traffic of website by commenting others blogs. This is very simple and easiest method. But the main difficultly we face here is getting approval from moderator of the site which may take more time or maybe we won’t get the approval.

Hence Subashseo is planning to provide this blog scraping service without approval as many moderators do not have the time to read and approved each and every comment written by various visitors. We will find the High PR pages on the various blogs related to your website content and write the own comment about those blogs and provide the link of your website or anchor text. We don’t have the option or the way to track the blogs whether it is approved by moderator or not. We will give the link with comments what we have typed on the blogs as a report. It will increase the back link and increase the traffic.

What are the features of Blog scraping Service?

  1. Will provide the comments or reviews to blogs which having related niche to your product.
  2. Will write comments only high density or high ranking blogs.
  3. Fast and More accurate promotion compared to other service
  4. Understand the Blogs by reading carefully and comment accordingly
  5. This service is optimized and SEO friendly.

What are the benefits of Blog scraping Service?

  1. Effect of time spending for this service is very less.
  2. This service is best method to increase your site traffic with minimal effect and cost.
  3. Increase your web site rank in all search engines.
  4. Reach your site to more number of audiences.
  5. Increase your product sale.
  6. Fast and more results.

What are the advantages of using this service in Subash SEO?

  1. Subash SEO is one the top SEO service provider in the SEO Market.
  2. Expert people working on Blog commenting service will always do analysis to find the high traffic blogs.
  3. Subash SEO will get the approval from Blogs administrator easily.
  4. Provides High Quality Service with reasonable price.
  5. Provides on time delivery.
  6. More flexible to clients.
  7. Always met the Client expectation and Provide quality service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you provide the approval for each comment you typed on the blogs from blogsite moderator?

A: No, we are only responsible for creating comments for your website but we won’t wait for moderation approval, because Moderator is responsible for Approval, He may take time for approval that is according to Moderator’s scope. We will give only the blog links and the comments to you as a report.

Q: Do you have any system or software to track the approval of blog?

A: We don’t have any system or software to track the approval, we do comments in those top blog sites according to the matching keyword. That is only our job approval is from moderator side.

Q: Why you can’t get the approval for comments from moderator?

A: I can clearly answer this one, Because nowadays everyone is busy particularly the blogsite Moderators for that reason our comments got approved late. But we are not going to wait for that because we have a lot of works to do, But I assure you, that with the final reports that contains how many sites we have uploaded with your comments in MS Excel format will reach you.

Q: How do you select the blogs for commenting?

A: We are going to select top ranking blogsites related to your keywords, According to the benefits of your product we will give proper and attractive comments carefully.

Blog Scraping Service Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
BS125 Blog Scraping5 to 8 Working Days$25.00
BS250 Blog Scraping7 TO 10 Working Days$40.00
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