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Continual Updating Web 2.0 Blogging
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Continual Updating Web 2.0 Blogging

Subash SEO is now becoming one of the most Popular SEO company in the world, by the help and support of Our most Valuable Client’s/Customer’s, as we have a lot of satisfied Customer’s about our best service. We have successfully launched numerous services and served more than 1000 Client’s/Customer’s since 2004 and till now, we didn’t received any bad remark from the customer. Customer Satisfaction is the main goal of our Company.

By the way we are introducing our new program named as Continual Updating Web 2.0 Blogging, Which is the Advanced version of Web 2.0 Blogging Service. Before Entering the Brief Description, We must want to let you know,

What do you mean by Blogging Sites??

Blog site is same like personnel diary, which gives important information about your company and your product also needs daily updation about the project, about your staff members etc somewhat like that. So now we think that you got a good idea about Blogging sites. But our top popular Search Engines won’t like daily updation so it is better to force newly created news by once in every 2 days basis. Also Search Engines won’t like duplicate contents and also don’t like repeated words so it says that they only like unique contents that must have professional and smarter look, Don’t worry about that we have a good Professional Writer in our team. By the help of him you can get a nice article about your product with a smart look.

This Service is used to import news about your product according to the package by 2 days or by weekly manner. By the thorough analysis of Our Journalist, We have decided to launch this service for Our Valuable Client’s. With this service you can get 50 nice blogging sites with attractive themes and customized images by the help of our talented Experts (Professional Web Designers). That Blog creation (50 in number) is common for every one for every package. This is One of the improved and useful technique to het indexed in top popular Search Engines. So we strongly advice to our Valuable Client’s/Customer’s to use this service for getting top ranks in Popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Working Procedure of Continual Updating Web 2.0 Blogging

According to client required details which must include two or more keywords and of course their main money site too…

  1. Our Professionally Talented Experts will create 50 Attractive blog sites with Attractive themes and customized images with related to the keywords or the product.
  2. According to the package selection of our most valuable Client, they will promote each blogging sites with number of top Social Bookmarking Sites.
  3. And after that by the help of our Professional writer we are going to create a smart news for your product that includes the anchor text linked with your main Moneysite, by clicking the text the user will directed to your Moneysite.
  4. And after that according to the package selection of the client, our Experts force the news (unique content) in each Blogging sites which we created and promoted with top Social Bookmarking sites.
  5. By updating news continuously we guarantee you that you’re Mainsite will increase the rank in Search Engines, which lead you to become popular and can have the possibility to drive a huge traffic into your Moneysite.
  6. Once our work is done, we’ll reach you with a Smart Work Report in MS Excel format which includes the 50 Blogging site Live links, each one is promoted with Social Bookmarking sites and every details.

For your easy understanding process our talented expert creates a diagrammatic representation for this process. So you are strongly recommended to view that diagram.

Diagrammatic representation of Continual Web 2.0 Blogging Service

Advantages of this service from Subash SEO

  1. As Everyone knows, that Subash SEO is the top most SEO service provider because we are here in this SEO field since 2004.
  2. Our Professional Experts and Technical Experts are highly talented and well experienced from Journalist Industry.
  3. Highly talented personals like Article writers and Content editor’s are there in our team to provide best news for your product.
  4. Subash SEO company will not entertain any Automation Software for creating news for client’s product, as we are having highly talented personals for that purpose.
  5. We provide high quality work with very cheapest price; our working process is neat and quick.
  6. We deliver the work report within the short period, what we commit with our Client’s/Customer’s.
  7. It is very easy and approach Subash SEO at any time for any issue.
  8. Always met with client expectation and satisfaction.
Benefits of using this service from Subash SEO:
  1. This is the new technique found by us, by updating nice information about your product continuously in each 50 Blogging sites created by us.
  2. Your Moneysite must get attention from everyone who reads the news created by us, because the article contains th anchor text which has the link of your Main site. Thus you can get huge traffic.
  3. By getting more traffic points your Moneysite will indexed in Popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia etc.
  4. By using this Service from Subash SEO, You can Save your precious time and Money, We provide high quality work with very low price when compared with other SEO companies.
Continual 2 days Updation Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
B1MUP2DWeb 2.0 blogging 1 Month updating per 2 days1 Month$525.00
B2MUP2DWeb 2.0 blogging 2 Months updating per 2 days2 Months$900.00
B3MUP2DWeb 2.0 blogging 3 Months updating per 2 days3 Months$1275.00
B6MUP2DWeb 2.0 blogging 6 Months updating per 2 days6 Months$2400.00
B12MUP2DWeb 2.0 blogging 12 Months updating per 2 days12 Months$4650.00
Continual weekly Updation Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
B1MUPWWeb 2.0 blogging One Month updating per week1 Month$280.00
B2MUPWWeb 2.0 blogging 2 Months updating per week2 Months$390.00
B3MUPWWeb 2.0 blogging 3 Months updating per week3 Months$510.00
B6MUPWWeb 2.0 blogging 6 Months updating per week6 Months$870.00
B12MUPWWeb 2.0 blogging 12 Months updating per week12 Months$1590.00
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