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Facebook Applications
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Facebook Applications

The Facebook apps are a platform for interacting with the core Facebook features. These applications are quite often seen under the categories like alerts, business, chat, classified, dating, education, events, fashion, file sharing, gaming, just for fun, messaging etc of the most active social network websites. These Facebook apps have detailed descriptions, features, user’s ratings, reviews, wiki pages, screen shots and a battle for its best used applications.


Use of Facebook apps as source to connect with family and friends is already known to us. Apart from its use for social networking and communication, Facebook is now emerging to be one of the best business tools. Though the majority of Facebook apps are fun and geared towards non-business related events, there are some applications which can definitely provide benefit to organizations. There are numerous benefits one can gain while using such Facebook apps for business.

Brand Promotion

Facebook apps are excellent sources for creating brand awareness. As Facebook is a world’s giant social media network, it provides a great advertising platform for the small businesses to promote their businesses and opportunity for large businesses to expand their presence. The applications of Facebook can therefore be regarded as great interception points where one create, build, and retain their relationships with business customers and prospects.

Positive Brand Engagement

Using Facebook apps organizations can best communicate their promotions and events. If effective these applications can be good interception points which can be enforced to attract customers and to create positive brand engagement between businesses, customers and prospects.

New Customer Acquirement

Through Facebook apps one can reach the prospects or target audience of their businesses via the users of the applications that might not be possible through other mediums. Therefore Facebook can be the best tool to explore new customers.

Reputation Management

With Facebook apps you can always get to know what users have to say about your organization and brand. As Facebook profile is indexed in the search results, it can provide another favorable listing in the organic search results of the engines and help you to know the how much your business is searched.

Lead Generation

Facebook has great potential as lead generation tool that can be used to qualify leads. By using these apps one can review the profiles of their potential prospects. They can help you build a relationship with the prospects of your interest and aid in the lead generation qualifying process.

Apart from these Facebook apps also provides benefits of client retention, web traffic management, understanding consumer’s behavior through feedback mechanism and helps to build business cases. So with all these advantages on the side of Facebook apps, it would not be wrong to say that this is the best business tool.

Facebook Apps

Photo Showcase

Photo Showcase permits to visually promote your company through an attractive and customized photo slide show. It is possible to upload up to 10 large images at a time. Each photo can be linked to your website or web store. Your fans can also comment on a specific image, for e.g. your product image.

Form Creations

Form for fan pages, e.g. sign up form; enables users to sign up during user registration of their website with related Facebook account. It allows you to create forms with custom headers that are used for additional information related to your business product or service like contact us form or company newsletter form.

Paypal Shop Integration

Paypal Shop is a shopping cart template, mainly used for Facebook. Users can easily and economically create their own shopping cart using the powerful Paypal payment system. Any kind of media content, images and videos can be displayed. Several items and configuration parameters are permitted. E.g. - online business store.

Twitter Feed Integration

Twitter Feed ensures that your tweets are available to Facebook fans, friends and followers. Users can connect their twitter account and display tweets in their Facebook page. It also allows personalized

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