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Frequent News Release Submission Service
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Frequent News Release Submission Service


Subash SEO has number of skilled professional Experts especially for News Creation and Distribution. Subash SEO just now started another fabulous service, named as Frequent News Release Submission Service, which is extracted from News Release Distribution Service like the same way how Approved News Release Promotion Service is discovered. This service is same as News Release Distribution Service, it has the ability to broad up your business all over the world, and this is the concept of Press Release Submission service provided by other similar SEO companies. The difference is that by this service we are going to submit the news about your product or service frequently (Continuously)

Before Start explaining about the Frequent News Release Submission Service process, we Subash SEO wants to let you know,

About Frequent News Release Submission Service:

News will reach the people after it published in news paper or media, by the same way if you want spread out your site or about your product then you need to distribute the news to the News Release sites. New Release is one of the services which publish the news about your sites or products and push your site to top and high rank new release sites. The top new release sites are always having high site ranking and you will get the high ranking for your sites by using news release service.

News is the very important tool to publish about your product or site. News is the best way to impress the people in world very easily and very frequently. Nowadays a lot of internet media’s and news papers are very eager to release any important news or advertise your product. But publishing news about your site or product to various high ranking sites is highly valuable today and as number of internet users is increased lot all over the world.

You should always publish your site information or product information regularly to attain maximum sale and increase the visitor of the site. In Previous days it was very difficult to publish the news to various high ranking sites because of high publication cost.

Now Subash SEO launched this wonderful service to fulfil all the customer’s needs. This is very cheap, high value service and you have never seen in the SEO market like this service. Subash SEO is planning to submit the news every week regularly with the single package and it will be definitely reduce the customer investment cost.

Subash SEO Service Working Process:

According to the package selection and required details of our valuable Client’s/Customer’s,we start our work efficiently. We can create number of Press News manually (By professional Writer)for your product/ service according to the package selection. After that we will forward the news to you for writing confirmation. During that time if you find some errors or you decided to make any changes you can modify it and send it back the corrected news (By you) to us. After this process Our professionally talented Expert Manually submit that News in Top Ranked News Release Websites like,,, with your website link frequently( 10 news for 10 weeks, 20 news for 20 weeks and so on.) . At the Compeletion of order work, we provide you with Smart MS Excel Sheet Work Report Which contains all the links of that top newsware sites where we updated your Product’s/service’s news. If you decided to choose this package without writing work, then you have to submit News Writing and that is up to you.

Subash SEO Service Features:

  1. We will continuously submit the news about your site or product to high ranking news release sites in weekly basis.
  2. 100% Manual submission work.
  3. You can check and correct the content of the news before the submission work is started.
  4. We will write and submit manually and we never entertain automatic tools for submission work.
  5. We will accept more than one number of reviews of news writing but changes are not allowed after the submission.
  6. This service is optimized and SEO friendly.
  7. 100% customer satisfaction is given to you.

Subash SEO Service Advantages:

  1. Subash SEO is one of the top SEO service providers in the SEO Markets.
  2. We will send all news writing to customer for review and correction.
  3. 100% manual work and no automation tools are used.
  4. Subash SEO has separate team to write the News about your product and sites, all the writers are experienced in journalist industry.
  5. Provides High Quality Service with reasonable price.

Subash SEO Service Benefits:

  1. News will be published every week as per the clients interested days.
  2. This service will make our relation and the business for long term.
  3. Cost of frequent submission is very much less when compared to the individual submission work.
  4. Your site will always be the top in Search engine.
  5. This service is best method to increase your site traffic with minimal effort and cost.
Submission with Writing Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
NRSWF01125 News Release Submission with Writing Frequently for 10 weeks10 weeks$300.00
NRSWF02125 News Release Submission with Writing Frequently for 20 weeks20 weeks$580.00
NRSWF03125 News Release Submission with Writing Frequently for 30 weeks30 weeks$840.00
NRSWF04125 News Release Submission with Writing Frequently for 50 weeks50 weeks$1350.00
Submission without Writing Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
NRSF01125 News Release Submission(Submission without Writing) Frequently for 10 weeks10 weeks$200.00
NRSF02125 News Release Submission(Submission without Writing) Frequently for 20 weeks20 weeks$380.00
NRSF03125 News Release Submission(Submission without Writing) Frequently for 30 weeks30 weeks$540.00
NRSF04125 News Release Submission(Submission without Writing) Frequently for 50 weeks50 weeks$850.00
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