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Local Seo Services
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Local Seo Services

We SubashSEO started our new service in promoting your website in your region and is named as LOCAL SEO, for example If you are from Denmark then we will promote your site in this is because the peeps if they need a particular thing (For Instance: Computer) they give first preference to the dealer (for Instance: Computer Dealer) who is in their country and after that only they look another one from outside his country. This service has the ability to reach your local business to the top position.

We started this service as we used this technique for one of my Client (I will not use his name and country for confidential purpose) and at the time he met me, his site is not even indexed on Google Engine of his country he give the Idea, we discuss a lot and thus I concluded to use this technique and I suggest it to him and he said Ok. Now he is so happy because this technique gave him an effective solution. His site is in top ten list the 3rd position of his regional Google site.

How it Works:

We used the Building Link concept but the difference here is the keyword is in your own language of your own country, for instance if you are from Bangladesh then your regional Google site must be, so we are going to promote your website in this site. The Complete article for your site is in English Language, we replace the English keyword and use the one which is in Bangladeshi language (And we use that Bangladeshi Keyword as anchor text link). For example if the English keyword is Apple then it may have some other name in Bangladeshi so we must use Bangladeshi keyphrase for Apple, so that your site will get promoted for the particular Bangladeshi Apple keyphrase in Bangladesh Google’s site.

We submit that article with all the keywords in top Article directories/ PR sites/ Document Sharing sites or Web 2.0 Blogging sites and after getting the live links from this type of top ranked site, we promote each live links with top 10 Social Bookmarking sites. So that you can get indexed on top position in your regional Google’s site.

Required details from you:

   1. Your URL and 2 Keywords (2 keywords both in English as well as in your own language).

   2. The articles from your side also welcome, if you want us to write article we are ready, we have a professional writer working in our team.

   3. So we are going to submit your 300 unique article in top Article directories/ PR sites/ Document Sharing sites or Web 2.0 Blogging sites.

   4. After getting live links from top Article directories/ PR sites/ Document Sharing sites or Web 2.0 Blogging sites, we promote each live links with top 10 Social Bookmarking sites…


   1. It creates guaranteed Live Links to your website in order to improve your website’s page rank in your regional Google’s site.

   2. Getting Maximum links, that helps you to improve the position of the search results in regional Google’s site.

   3. Getting plenty of links, that helps to increase your website’s traffic from your region, that’s a reason why you will have more customers.

   4. Most cases it is permanent and never gets deleted.


   1. We do all the Submissions manually, that is the reason why most people loved our SEO service.

   2. We have separate team of talented Experts for quality content creation and submission.

   3. After completion of the work we will provide Smart MS Excel Working report, which is clear and correct due to the commitment.

   4. We are the one providing SEO services at high affordable rate.

Subash SEO Service Benefits:

   1. News Release service is the one of the best way to reach your product to more number of people.

   2. It is the best method to increase your site traffic with minimal effort and cost.

   3. It increases your web site rank in Google.

   4. It will reach your site to more number of audiences.

   5. Increase your product sale.

   6. News release service will increase one way back links to your website.

   7. It gives faster and more results.

Local Seo Services Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
LS1Regional Website Promotion, Guaranteed!!!1 Month$700.00
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