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Micro Programming
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Micro Programming

At SubashSEO, we offer development services microprogramming that is much benefited for all our clients. When you use microprogramming in your site, it makes your site differ from other sites that are not using microprogramming.

By using microprogramming in your site, then the site get more integration with your clients. At SubashSEO, we integrate the sites as per the SEO friendly in microprogramming.

SubashSEO Microprogramming services contain site configuration and site integration. In this service small powerful application helps your site to run at the top most positions.


Advantages of microprogramming:

  1. Microprogramming makes your small business opportunity to focus on running your business in large scale.
  2. Microprogramming is the most comprehensive web based software mostly applicable for small scale business.
  3. Some standard applications often bundled with operating system but our microprogramming has reached the peak of the applications.
  4. Starting your own business is a very exciting one in your life, but if you are not careful when starting it then it is a waste of your precious time and money. But our micro sites and microprogramming portals will help you to start your business with success by providing quick forms, registration and login form.
  5. We will convert your offline payment system in your shopping site into the online payment gateway as paypal, ccavenue etc.
  6. We provide menus for your sites as per your wish and we also provide dynamic menu by using CSS, DHTML, etc in our microprogramming service.
  7. In today’s competitive business world daily newer and competition sites were grow more and more, so daily updating your content and enhancing the website by some dynamic controls are necessary. In our microprogramming services, we built more and more Ajax tabs, Ajax widgets, Image Gallery, etc pages to improve the websites and we help you to success in your business.
  8. In the private websites easy revenue and ads are the most important one. In our microprogramming we include ads by revenue taker. The revenue taker may be banner rotation, paper click, paper view and so on.
  9. SubashSEO microprogramming was user friendly and beginners can also very easy to navigate the serial pages. FAQ Panel & Management, Forums also used for this.
Micro Programming Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice 
SC1Shopping Cart without Payment Gateway4 to 6 Working Days$80.00
SC2Shopping Cart with Paypal Payment Gateway5 to 8 Working Days$105.00
PPLIPaypal Gateway Integration1 to 2 Working Days$25.00
JSDMJavaScript Dynamic Menu1 to 2 Working Days$20.00
IMGyImage Gallery1 to 3 Working Days$30.00
AjxWAjax Widgets1 to 2 Working Days$15.00
AjxTAjax tabs (Upto 5 tabs)2 to 4 Working Days$55.00
GMapIGoogle MAP Integration1 to 2 Working Days$20.00
BrRnMBanner Rotaion and Management6 to 9 Working Days$130.00
PLtProduct Listing2 to 5 Working Days$40.00
QfrmQuick Forms1 Working Days$10.00
RnLnFRegistration and Login Form1 to 2 Working Days$20.00
FAQMtFAQ Panel & Management2 to 4 Working Days$30.00
GSchBIGoogle Search Box Integration1 to 2 Working Days$10.00
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