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Spinning News Release Submission Service
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Spinning News Release Submission Service


Subash SEO has number of skilled professional Experts separately for News Creation and Distribution. Subash SEO just started another wonderful service, named as Spinning News Release Submission Service. This is derived from News Release Distribution Service like the same way how Approved News Release Promotion Service and Frequent News Release Submission services are discovered. By the same way this service is also having the ability to broad up your online business all over the world it has a concept of Press Release Submission service provided by other similar SEO companies. The difference is that by this service we are going to use spinning software to get different Unique News without changing the meaning of the news.

Before Start explaining about this Spinning News Release Submission Service process, we Subash SEO wants to let you know,

About Spinning News Release Submission Service:

Spinning news release submission service is the service which is used to spin the single news release to number of news release with different content but the news will be the same as original news. All the news are different from its style but having same meaning. If we want to increase the ranking of your website or increase sale of the product, then you need to submit the different content of same news to various top news release site. As everyone know that doing this service is very difficult but subash SEO has started to do it very easily for the flexibility of our valuable Client’s and providing the service with timely manner.

We will write one source news release (Master News) about your product or website or service manually and we will forward the Master News to you for writing confirmation . After getting confirmation from you, we will start spinning that Master news to number of news release by using spinning software and submit each news release to various high ranking news release submission sites.

This kind of service will use to increase your site ranking as well as the product sale as unexpected. Most of the popular search engines like google , yahoo, bing etc will always looking for new content.

Subash SEO Service Working Process:

According to the package selection and required details of our valuable Client’s/Customer’s, we start our work efficiently. We create a Press News manually (By professional Writer)for your product/ service. After finishing it, we will forward that news to you for writing confirmation. During that time if you find some errors or to make changes you can modify it and send it back the corrected news (By you) to us. After this process is completed, our professionally talented Expert spin that Master News with the help of professional quality spinning software to get different Unique News for your product and submit each News in Top Ranked News Release Websites like,,, with your website link frequently( 10 news for 10 weeks, 20 news for 20 weeks and so on.). At the final stage, we provide you with smart MS Excel Sheet Work Report Which contains all the details of where your News is submitted. If you have decided to choose this package without writing work ,then you have to send News Writing for us.

Subash SEO Service Features:

  1. We can create more number of news releases within an hour of time.
  2. Source news release will be written by manually and correction can be done as per client suggestion.
  3. No charges for spinning the article.
  4. Each article will be submitted to different article marketing submission sites manually after getting confirmation from user or client.
  5. We can accept the source article from client also or else we will also writing the news release by our well trained writers.
  6. 100 % Manual submission work is done.
  7. Software is used only for spinning and not for submission.

Subash SEO Service Advantages:

  1. We are the first SEO Company providing this spinning service.
  2. Subash SEO is one of the top SEO service providers in the SEO Markets.
  3. We will send all the news writing to customer for review and correction.
  4. 100% manual work is done and no automation tools are used.
  5. Subash SEO has separate team to write the News about your product and sites, all the writers are experienced in journalist industry.
  6. Provides High Quality Service with reasonable price.
  7. It is the time consuming service.
  8. More flexible to clients.

Subash SEO Service Benefits:

  1. You can get more number of articles with same meaning by the cost of single article.
  2. Source article will be allowed to review by client and can be corrected as per client suggestion.
  3. It is result oriented service compared to other SEO services.
  4. It will easily convert the product to sale and it will reach to more number of users in faster way.
  5. Always it reaches the new updates to client regularly about their service or site or product.
Distribution without Writing Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
SNRD 1125 Spin News Release Distribution (single order )4 to 5 Working Days$35.00
SNRD 2125 Spin News Release Distribution (10 Orders)8 to 12 Working Days$300.00
SNRD 3125 Spin News Release Distribution (20 Orders)12 to 15 Working Days$580.00
SNRD 4125 Spin News Release Distribution (30 Orders)15 to 18 Working Days$850.00
Distribution with Writing Packages
CodePackage NameTime FramePrice  
SNRDW1125 Spin News Release Distribution + Writing (single order)5 to 7 Working Days$50.00
SNRDW2125 Spin News Release Distribution + Writing (10 orders)8 to 12 Working Days$450.00
SNRDW3125 Spin News Release Distribution + Writing (20 orders)12 to 15 Working Days$860.00
SNRDW4125 Spin News Release Distribution + Writing (30 orders)15 to 18 Working Days$1280.00
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